Star Spawn Tunneler
Larval Spawn

True Name:
Not applicable. These creatures are not Summonable in any conventional sense. The Elder Spawn use some kind of pheromonal means to influence Tunneler behavior.

Four to six feet long.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

Star Spawn Tunnelers are non-intelligent, slug-like creatures that hatch in massive swarms in the great spawning pits that are excavated from caverns and sewers deep beneath the earth. They are voracious eaters, and can burrow with equal ease through earth or flesh. They achieve this ability by secreting a highly caustic enzyme, and are employed by the thousands to excavate caverns beneath the ground using these digestive juices and their rudimentary, clawed limbs. Their saliva is highly valued among Practioners for a variety of medicinal uses, but great care should be taken when obtaining it as the fluid can cause severe damage and burns to exposed flesh, and the Tunnelers are able to eject a stream of this vile liquid in a jet of up to twenty feet.

When not used in the capacity of biological excavators, the largest of these creatures are known to create hollow spaces beneath a well-worn path in deep caves or remote wilderness. They then lie in wait until they detect the vibrations of a potential victim passing overhead, at which point they burrow out directly underneath the prey to seize and drag it into the chamber below, to be dissolved and consumed at leisure. When hidden in this capacity, the Tunnelers are difficult to detect. However, if one is observant they will notice a pungent smell and clicking sound shortly before the thing erupts from the dirt.

Their coloration ranges through shades of pink and violet along their sides, to greens and yellows along their backs and extremities.
Star Spawn Larvae

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