Minor Interdimensional Entity

True Name:
The Slitherwing, or Night Chitterer is known in ancient Psionic as RABESU, which translates simply to creeper.

Six to thirteen inches long

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

These entities are of low intelligence and are known to emit a distinctive chittering sound as they fly or slither towards unsuspecting victims. As with several Subdimensional beings, they appear to be able to detect when a being is fast asleep, and will usually only accost prey during such times. A slitherwing mouth is comprised of several independently articulating mandibles that end in hollow, needle like tubes. It employs these appendages during feeding by injecting first a powerful narcotic anesthetic into the neck or other areas of sleeping victims, then drawing out the victimís essence through their fangs and other mouthparts. The effect is seldom fatal, but results in strange sores upon the body and an intense weakness and listlessness that are often misdiagnosed as any number of nervous disorders. Untreated sores often result in Ascendancy.

When forced into visibility through the use of its True Name or other means, the being is shown to be a small creature reminiscent of some kind of hideous bat. The serpentine body tapers to a bulbous node containing a single large, luminous eye.

The creatures seem less inclined to adhere to the will and commands of the Elder Spawn, and it is possible that they are some form of Subdimensional pest. Those who are learned in the arts have frequently attributed rumors of vampirism to a Night Chitterer infestation.

Slitherwing are harmless as individuals to Practioners who remain properly alert, but they can be deadly in swarms.

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