Humans and their Role in Interdimensional Exploration

The first beings whose importance cannot be neglected in the discussion of Subdimensional exploration are the very human people who unwittingly share their existence with the Subdimensional Entities, who exist at all times around and through us. Most humans are considered by Subdimensional Entities to be Sub-Beings. Sub-beings are a category of unfortunate creatures that comprises Unseeing humans and other animals. They are viewed by other beings as wretches with limited intelligence and no Subdimensional power, and are generally considered to be mere fodder, if at all. These creatures are Subdimensionally irrelevant, yet certain individuals are capable of Summoning and coercing powerful entities. Generally, these people come in three varieties:

The Unseeing (Base Commoners):
These are the average hardy souls who live their placid lives in blissful ignorance of the horrors that live among them. They are unable, or unwilling, to see Subdimensional Entities for what they are, and often go to great lengths to explain away strange disappearances, mutilations, behaviors, and other unexplainable phenomena.

The Summoners and Practitioners:
Are natively Unseeing people who have somehow gained insight into the dark world that exists around us and have studied at length, and at great cost, the dark, profane rituals that are required for the Unseeing to be able see and converse with the denizens of the Subdimensions. They are often high ranking members or priests of the arcane cults who worship the Great Old Ones, eagerly awaiting their return to power. Or, they are simply Practitioners, men and women desirous of power, wealth, and extraordinary long life. They are complicit in the terrifying experiments of the Star Spawn Biolords, and freely interbreed with Ascendant beings in hopes of producing offspring blessed with the Gift. Many Politicians, Policemen, and Clergy of all cultures and religions count among this group.

The Gifted:
Represented here by the inclusion of the symbolic ‘third eye’, are those who few non-Ascendant humans who have the Gift of Sight, the Gift of prescience that is required to be able to see the Subdimensional Entities in all their true glory, without the assistance of Summoning rituals or dark technologies. These individuals are exceedingly rare, and the Gift often appears to proceed along family lines. It is whispered that the ancestors of those with the gift were powerful Summoners who chose wisely their Subdimensionally tainted mates, so that the corruption of the Great Old Ones trickled down their family line. Given that the Summoners and their descendants are not often given towards strong family values, many of these people are left to determine the nature of their abilities without the guidance and support of family, friends, or education. They are often therefore mistaken as being afflicted with maladies of the mind and many of them spend their lives sedated in a sanitarium, never to become fully aware of the true nature of their abilities. The offspring of Merrow and non-ascendant humans are sometimes afflicted with the Gift.

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