Elder Spawn
Star Spawn Biolord

True Name:
NUNGALZIATUZUA SHARAGHUL, literally “Great Servants of dark Knowledge”. NUN is servant or slave, depending on context, GAL elevates NUN to great, ZI is in or of, and ATU translates to dark. ZUA is roughly “to have known", or "knowledge”. The word SHARAGHUL is expanded as follows: SHAR is a word that has many meanings depending on context. It can mean star, light, heaven, also can be enlightened knowledge. A in this case means "they are", and GHUL are masters.

Approximately seven feet in height.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

This image is a ventral view of one of the Elder Spawn, the so-called “Biolords” of the Star Spawn. This is the Master Scientist and Vizier caste of this species. Intellectually brilliant, yet wholly subservient to the will of the Great Old Ones, these beings are masters of arcane knowledge and Dark Science who are thought to have created the Shoggoths and other unnamable technologies. When standing upright on their powerful locomotive tendrils, they are about as tall as a tall human, and are sometimes even seen about the village covered in long cloaks, remarkably eschewing the traditional cloak of shadows worn by their brethren. They swim with graceful speed and fluidity.

The script reads in Old Quasi-Latin:

“Behold the NUNGALZIATUZUA, who are the true SHARAGHUL.

Behold the NUNGALZIATUZUA, who are Masters of the Dark Knowledge, and creators of arcane technology.

These blessed, ascendant beings are the creators of the Holy Mask of Temperance, and are responsible for the great Gates into the Outer Darkness.

Heed them well, for they are bringers of the great Blessing of the SHARAGHUL.


Star Spawn Elder

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