Star Spawn Soldier Caste
Lesser Star Spawn

True Name:
Above the being is written the ancient word SHARAGULNUNTAKAGAL, which translates roughly as follows: NUN translates to slave, or servant, TAKA is hunt or hunter, GAL elevates the hunter to great, which gives us great hunt, which is the term that the Elder Spawn have given to what we consider war, or battle, depending on context. Thus we arrive at “Servant of the Great Hunt”, which can curiously also be interpreted as “war slave”. The meaning behind the word, however, is generally agreed by most scholars to be soldier.

The creatures are huge, standing over eleven feet in height when upright.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

The apex of physical Star Spawn evolution, these fearsome beings are thought to be analogous to the soldier castes known in social insects. They patrol the depths of the Deep Stronghold, and are seldom seen above the surface. Their dual pairs of powerful outer appendages are lined with vicious barbs. They are supported by a mass of thick locomotive tendrils, each of which ends in a cluster of spines, used for defense and locomotion. Many of the caverns of the Deep Stronghold are completely devoid of light and are flooded with stagnant ocean water, a fact which does not appear to impede these massive beings in any fashion. As with their brethren, they not often visible even to those with the Gift in the traditional sense, but rather are enveloped in a thick cloak of protective shadows. Their bulbous head is divided by a vertical slathering maw, and is surrounded by four small primitive eyes. They are not thought to be especially intelligent, but rather serve the bidding of their smaller masters without question or failure.

Various Priests of the Mask describe experimental attempts at reasoning with these beings that had been separated from their masters. The results were consistently unsatisfactory. Either the beings showed no acknowledgement of the existence of the volunteers who were made to attempt contact, or said volunteers were immediately and messily torn to shreds.
Star Spawn Soldier

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