Watcher in the Darkness
Lesser Star Spawn

True Name:
The words of Ancient Psionic Text above the creatures read: SHARAGHUL IGIZUATU, or "Watcher in the Darkness".

They are roughly the size of an average adult human being. As with the cephalopods that they resemble, they appear to be boneless, and can significantly alter their shape in order to flatten themselves, or fit through impressively small crevasses.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

This image depicts the Watchers, who are a lower caste of Star Spawn that act as servants and advisors to the Elder Spawn, and often serve as emissaries to humanity. The Watcher caste of Star Spawn may in fact be one of the many Slave races employed by the Elder Spawn, and is not closely related to the Masters in a physiological sense.

Being of a somewhat cerebral temperament, they are less inclined towards violence than most of their brethren, and have actually been known to converse and even sympathize with humans. They communicate psionically, having no vocal cords or other means of verbal communication. However, psionic communication with an intellect as limited as our own is tiresome for them, and they will often be seen in the company of a human wearing a Temperance Mask, which they prefer to use when communication with humans is required.

When seen on land, it will usually be night time, and they will usually wear heavy cloaks such that they are often easily mistaken for a human at first glance, or from a distance. They are completely amphibious, and are powerful swimmers.

Much of the knowledge gained to be able to produce this book comes from interaction with the Watchers, who delight in the trade of knowledge. There is some speculation that these beings are not entirely satisfied with their servile position in the Star Spawn hierarchy, and may be searching for a way to usurp their tyrannical Masters, possibly even with human assistance.
Star Spawn Watcher

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