Subdimensional Parasite
Minor Interdimensional Entity

True Name:
This creature is described in certain texts as UTUKMUL, or “Parasite Spirit”. UTUK translates to Spirit, or Ghost, and MUL is a parasite.

Six inches to three feet long.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

These small entities spread the Blessing of the Great Old Ones and are often employed to begin the process of Ascendancy in select hosts through the use of their potent Subdimensional venom. It is possible that they are actually biological artifacts of Elder Spawn design, created or bred uniquely for this purpose. They will often spring upon the back of an unsuspecting host, burrowing into the base of the neck and injecting Subdimensional venom into their intellect via their vicious triple stinger. The host soon begins to exhibit all the signs of parasitical addiction, and may even develop corporeally addictive habits under the influence of the creature. The creatures remain attached to their host, invisible to the Unseeing except as a small festering wound, until Ascendancy sets in, at which point, their purpose served, the parasites shrivel and die. Some individuals have been found to be host to multiple parasites.

The parasites are invisible to all but the most Gifted of Summoners, and are difficult, but not impossible, to remove. The generous application of silver or iron applied directly to the entity will cause it to burn away. This has the unfortunate side effect of causing enormous discomfort in the host, but is seldom fatal. Depending on the duration of attachment, Ascendancy may be delayed or inhibited altogether. It should be noted that without Ascendant Progression, there is a high risk that the infected individual will never recover, but will rather devolve into a Husk.
Interdimensional Parasite

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