Failed Ascendancy
Non-Ascendant Beings

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Husks and Aberrations vary significantly in size, depending on the specifics of affliction, but they are generally a weakened, wasted version of their former selves. They are usually around four to five feet in length, and no more than forty to sixty pounds in weight.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

The Blessing of Ascendancy is not well received by all supplicants, and not all transitions proceed without tragedy. This image is meant to serve as a warning against meddling in the affairs of the Great Old Ones without adequate preparation and care; a reminder of what fate awaits the Summoner should she or he mistranspose the chant written in Psionic Calligraphy that encircles the warning glyphs.

There are three common outcomes of failed Ascendacy, or failed Summonings:

1. Husks:
The shriveled and emaciated wretch at the bottom of the image is representative of a Husk. An individual generally begins to become Ascendant after ingesting Subdimensional venom, usually through the bite or sting of one of various Subdimensional Parasites, however some hosts are not worthy of the Blessing. These beings are left a Husk, withered flesh without soul or mind, while the erstwhile Subdimensional visitor evaporates back into their realm. No longer intelligent, blind, unable to speak, and stripped of health and humanity, they are the withered remnants of Ascendant failure. They do not usually survive for long on their own, and most never recover in any significant fashion.

Take appropriate precautions when dealing with withered Husks, because there exists a low risk of residual Subdimensional infection, or dormant Subdimensional parasites.

2. Aberrations:
The visage at the center top of the image is an example of an Aberration. Often, the weak structure of Human essence is such that attempts to perform Summoning rituals will cause hideous transfigurations. Such is how Aberrations come into existence. They generally occur when the Subdimensional Entity makes only a partial transition into a host, usually due to an interrupted Summoning. They differ from Husks in that there is usually significant observable evidence of the True Form of the occupying Subdimensional Entity intertwined with the agonized remains of the unfortunate host. The results are ubiquitously hideous and generally not long lived.

3. Free Roaming Entities:
This is perhaps the most feared of the outcomes of Failed Ascendancy. If not performed correctly, a Summoning can unleash an Entity into our dimension without weakness or restraint. Depending on the nature of said Entity, the results can be anywhere from an uncomfortable nuisance to earth shattering cataclysm. Caution is always advised.

The small parasites pictured above the Husk are loathsome things whose infection reduces living things to a Husk-like state without first progressing towards Ascendancy. As such, even the Star Spawn consider the creature to be a nuisance and a pest.

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