Chapter II: Merrow

The many varieties of fish people fall into this category. They are also known as Deep Ones. Their origins are uncertain, but there is archeological evidence that they have existed for millennia, and their close relationship with the Great Old Ones implies a Subdimensional progenitor. They often worship Great Old Ones, or ancient members of their own species.

Merrow generally appear to be humans who have been afflicted with progressive degrees of mutations of an aquatic nature. The image here is meant to illustrate the sharp teeth and nictitating membrane that many second generation Merrowborn share, however variations abound.

For centuries it has been known that there is a robust economy in trade with these denizens of the deep along the Eastern Coast of North America. These are often highly profitable ventures where local villagers are traded by the members of the various Great Old One cults, who are in return provided with the bounty of the sea, often in the form of a bountiful harvest of fish, or ship wrecked gold, or anything of value that can be gleaned from the Ocean. There have been modern reports of Merrow diverting undersea pipelines and electrical conduits in favor of cult leaders.

The cults of men keep these ancient traditions alive through collusion with the Merrow, interbreeding with them, evoking the Blessing of Ascendancy, and providing the chosen ones who become Ascendant Petitioners.
Deep Ones

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