Entry in the Necronomicon: Subdimensional Incantation

A page of the Necronomicon found in Whitford’s Folio containing an ancient Babylonian incantation.

The Psionic Compass is encircled by minor Transdimensional guardians and is thought to represent a schematic of Interdimensional hypertopology. The following translation of Psionic Calligraphy is thought to be a continuation of the verse from the preceding page, and discusses the process to inhibit the spread of disease.

...name, his understanding will I increase. In the house where this...
...tablet is set, though I, Ura, be angry or the Imlna-bi gods bring havoc,
pestilence shall not approach it, dagger of...

Line I: UMUN (name) MU (his) ZUA (knowledge) NARU (to be) SUNA (I) NARUGAL (increase) INA (in) AYU (HOUSE) A (where) ANU (this)

Line II: IMI (tablet) ED (Set) SUNA (I) Ura, NARU (will be) HUSH (angry) ULU (or) Imlna-bi ELI (gods) ED (bring) HALAMBARU (DESTROY rule, havoc, chaos)

Line III: NAMUSHUMUNU (Death+Disease) NARU (to be) NA (not) DUNPAH (approach) DU (it), IRI (dagger) INA (of)...
Necronomicon: Ura the Plague Spirit II

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