Entry in the Necronomicon: Subdimensional Incantation

A page of the Necronomicon found in Whitford’s Folio containing an ancient Babylonian incantation.

Below is a translation of the Psionic Calligraphy that is displayed on the following page. The power of spreading disease was attributed to certain Interdimensional entities such as Ura, the Plague Spirit, and Ashakku, the Fever - Spirit. The verse refers to Ura the plague-spirit, and describes the vainglorious speech he made to Ishum. A recitation of this incantation in proper Psionic is said to inhibit the spread of disease. However, errors in the correct pronunciation of the words is said to cause virulent disease to infect the Summoner and anyone nearby:

Ura was angry, and determined to ravage the whole world,
But Ishum, his counsellor, appeased him that he…
…abandoned [his wrath] and thus spake the hero Ura:
In his shrine may plenty abound whosoever....
...shall magnify my name, may he rule the four quarters of the world
Whosoever shall proclaim the glory of my valour shall have none...
…to oppose him; The singer who chants It shall not die (in pestilence),
but unto king and noble his speech shall be wellpleasing. The scribe who learns it shall...
…escape from the foe. In the shrine of the peoples where he cries my…

Line I: Ura SURA (WAS) HUSH (angry) MA (and) TAR (determined, decide) HALAMGAL (destroy) SHAR (totality, everything)

Line II: MA (but) MU (his) SA'AR (counsellor) ISHUM, DU (him) SEDU (calmed) KIM (so) DU (he)

Line III: EDRA (abandoned, exited) MU HUSH (anger) MA (and) KIM (so) QABRA (spoke) LUGAL (HERO, Leader) Ura

Line IV: INA (IN) MU (his) AYU (HOUSE) LE (to be able) HAY (plenty) UGUN (beget, create) LU (who)

Line V: LINIMU'GAL (to sing with praise, prayer) SUNA (my) UMUN (name, title) LE (to be able) BARU (rule) SHAR (totality)

Line VI: LU (who) LINIMU'GAL (to sing with praise, prayer) SUNA (my) AYRA (glory) TUKRU (will have) NU (no) LU (man, human)

Line VII: LE (able) DU (HIM) IKSUD (conquer) LU LINIMU'GAL (to sing with praise, prayer) NU (no) LE (can) NAMUSHU (die horribly)

Line VIII: MA (but) SARGALI (kings) MA (and) LUGAL (MAN+BIG, GREAT=KING, RULER) NARU (will be) GESTUG (listen) UMU (teacher, wise one) NARU (WILL BE)

Line IX: DUMGALNAY (escape) INA (from) ERIM (ENEMY) INA (in) BARAGBAD (shrine) UJA (people) A (where) DU (he) INIMU (sings present tense) SUNA (my)…
Necronomicon: Ura the Plague Spirit I

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