The Gate to the Deep Stronghold

Human Population 543
Merrow Population 2873

The Deep Stronghold is one of many such Cavernous places that infest the Earth. It is a possible resting place of a powerful Greater Transdimensional Entity. The area is redolent with Sharaghul and their minions, and Ascendancy is commonplace among the local human populations.

The map is presumed to represent the village of Shoreham and its environs, circa mid to late 17th century. It bears a marked similarity to a region of a map created by Captain Lewis in 1755, and in fact it is thought that captain Lewis may have had access to this document prior to his excursions through the area.

Although not yet recognized as such at the time of creation of this map, a great eye marks the spot where the village of Shoreham would eventually be established. The representation at this location of the great eye signifies a place of great import to the followers of Sharaghul, and suggests a well-established presence of the Old Ones long preceding abundant European settlement in the area.

While the village itself is represented by the Great Eye, two other locations have also been marked with significance in the form of the sacred seven sided heptagram; one representing a small island near to the village, and the other marked with the words: "Tenebris Furnos", or "Dark Ovens".

The significance of these two locations is not comprehensibly elucidated in the manuscript, however recent evidence indicates very high levels of transdimensional activity in these areas, and all transdimensional precautions should be taken before venturing into any of these vicinities.

Also can be seen in the image is the name "Fluvius Lahave", a reference to a nearby river that retains this name to this very day.

The largest heptagram is centered over an unremarkable stretch of open ocean, several kilometers in width. Research into the area indicates a historical record of numerous wrecked ships, and the area is noteworthy only for its somewhat higher than average frequency of occurrence, as given the long maritime history of the region there is an astonishing abundance of shipwrecks almost anywhere along the coast.
The Village of Shoreham

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