Biotechnological Construct

True Name:
None, although Sharaghul Overminds are sometimes known as Surgeons.

Two to five meters in height.

Whitford Folio

Overminds are created by the Sharaghul from the congealed cerebral matter of a multitude of deceased entities recycled for that purpose. The identity, or even species, of the donor does not appear to be relevant to the final outcome, as all manner of material is introduced to the simmering vat of cerebrospinal fluid, where it is melted into a single, powerful mind. Once integration is successful, the massive lump of sentient flesh is removed, and the exterior layers are hardened to provide protection. A further layer of Sharaghul armor and devices are welded into the flesh in order to provide sensory and manipulative capabilities.

Additionally, anti-gravity technology is installed such that the limbs of the creatures are not required to provide the creature with mobility, and instead are all employed to tasks requiring a high degree of delicate precision, such as vivisection and Chimeric enhancement.

The creatures are used as attendants in the brood pits and to the Sharaghul Overlord and Imperator castes in the hives. They also serve as advisors, biological computers, surgeons, and other similar roles of a cerebral nature. They seldom engage in physical conflict.
Star Spawn Overmind

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