Interdimensional Artefact

‘At the Mountains of Madness’, H. P. Lovecraft, 1931:

"Have found peculiar soapstone fragment about six inches across and an inch and a half thick, wholly unlike any visible local formation. Greenish, but no evidences to place its period. Has curious smoothness and regularity. Shaped like five-pointed star with tips broken off, and signs of other cleavage at inward angles and in center of surface. Small, smooth depression in center of unbroken surface. Arouses much curiosity as to source and weathering. Probably some freak of water action. Carroll, with magnifier, thinks he can make out additional markings of geologic significance. Groups of tiny dots in regular patterns. Dogs growing uneasy as we work, and seem to hate this soapstone. Must see if it has any peculiar odor. Will report again when Mills gets back with light and we start on underground area.”

A depiction of one of the Elder Sigils most often associated with the Elder Race. This specimen was located among the Elder Whitford's effects after his death. The groups of pentagonally arranged depressions are thought to be examples of a kind of writing associated with the Elder Things. Several of Whitford's notes indicate that he had discovered a means to translate this bizarre writing, although his method has been lost, along with the original specimen.
Elder Sigil

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