Transdimensional Artefact

‘The Call of Cthulhu’, H. P. Lovecraft, 1926

Description: This is a representation of one of the famous statuettes that arise during certain seismic events. The carving is representative of a powerful species of Transdimensional Entity. During instances of high psychokinetic activity, people of susceptible temperament and mentality will produce acts of astounding creativity, or abominable acts of depravity. Between the years of the cataclysm of 1917 and the mysterious events of 1927 there was a global upwelling of Psionic activity that led to the production of an incredible array of artistic imagery similar to what is depicted here. It is thought that the most potent Tansdimensional Beings are represented in these images due to their influence on humanity’s collective subconscious.

There are records that one of the most recent such events occurred in 1927 with cataclysmic and even to have influenced the creation of this text.

Written in Whitford’s quasi Latin/Psionic hybrid script is the phrase:

“Abandon your false gods and delusions of morality and worship mighty CTHULHU, the true god of infinite depths”

It is quite possible that by this stage he had abandoned any pretense that he was not completely influenced by his chosen subject matter.
Psionically Impelled Statuette

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