Lesser Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
Iskim-zi an-na, which roughly translates to 'Good omen from heaven'.

0.5 to 1.5 meters in height.

The Whitford Folio.

Commonly known as a Chittering, the many blade-like spines that adorn the creatures make them a frightening spectacle to behold, but they are only dangerous and damaging to clothing and furniture. Nearly blind in our spectrum in spite of the large eyes, the creatures are comparatively weak and defenseless. The spines function as a ruse, a false warning. This Batesian mimicry is an anti-predator adaptation in response to their status of prey in the eyes of most other Transdimensional Entities. Their robust forelimbs are used for digging complex subterranean/subdimensional burrows and are coated with sensitive cetae allowing them to sense gravitational variations and dig appropriately.

These creatures are relatively common, but are notoriously shy and sightings are extremely rare. While they have no vocal chords, they vibrate their mandibles which makes a chittering noise, hence their common name. A Chittering infestation, or haunting, is usually associated with strange noises in the walls and ceilings, and the manifestation of unusual and vivid dreams.
Subdimensional Chitterer

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