Lesser Subdimensional Entities

True Name:
AZAGUL, which translates to ‘Serpent Parasite’.

Crypt Worms generally range in size from four to twenty centimeters in length, although deep under the ground there are reputed to be gigantic clusters of specimens that approach three or four meters in length.

The Whitford Folio.

Crypt worms are voracious interdimensional parasites. Only the females are known to be dangerous; the docile males are non-motile have not been observed in any attacks on Human hosts. The worms often attack in groups of twelve or more individuals. The creatures pierce the skin and leave the victim with multiple painful blisters. The female then slithers through subcutaneous tissues of its victims, causing intense pain. The sensation burns with such intensity that the worms are often used in interrogations and other unwholesome behaviors by corrupt and malevolent organizations.
Crypt Worms

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