Greater Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
ISMUABU, which translates to 'Bone Serpent.

Five to Six meters in length.

Sumerian prehistory.

The common name of this entity is a reference to the eyeless skeletal visage and bony tail that reminiscent of a spinal column. At six meters long, the creature is huge and is one of the more physically formidable Subdiemnsional entities that Summoners can encounter. The iridescent scales of this entity are prized because of their beauty and durability. Harvesting said scales is a task for only the most powerful or foolhardy Summoner, however, as Bone Serpents combine incredible physical power with a notorious viciousness and aggressive temperament. Their powerful pincers can pierce steel amour, and their jaws are perfectly evolved for tearing flesh. They do not have eyes, but are able to utilize psionic sensory information to gain an acute awareness of their surroundings.

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