Major Subdimensional Entity

True Name:

Chimeric Aberrations vary in size to an astounding degree. This particular specimen stands approximately six meters in height, but can extend its necks to reach heights of eight meters or more.

Sumerian prehistory.

To the right is an example of one of the countless Chimeric Aberations created by the Sharaghul in their quest for knowledge. Over time, many of them develop identities and great powers of their own, some rivaling even the Outer Gods. This is an example of such an entity, a unique chimeric abberation infused with immense Subdmensional power.

It is often associated with mythologies of the underworld and is consistenlty envisaged as a powerful primordial being whose very name is taboo. Known since ancient times, it had often been ascribed to Greek mythology, although Whitford's notes claim that it was in fact known in Sumeria thousands of years prior to the dates mentioned in the manuscripts of Lactantius Placidus in 441 A.D.

Johann Weyer and Milton unwisely make mention of this hideous creature in their works.

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