Unique Ascendant Entity

True Name:
Pazuzu is unique among Trandimensionally affected beings in that he seems to revel in the dissemination of his True Name, and appears throughout recorded history to make no great effort to conceal this identity. It is possible that he views each Summoning as an opportunity to spread Ascendancy through threat and guile.

Stands over two meters in height.

Ancient Assyrian Legend

Pazuzu is one of the most ancient of the SARGALZIATU, and, like Sakarabru, appears to precede human civilization. He was already well known at the onset of the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures, and came to be known to those peoples as the King of the Demons of the Southwestern Wind, the Bearer of Storms and Drought.

While most beings of this advanced state of Ascendancy tend to diverge progressively away from a humanoid form, Pazuzu has maintained a remarkable level of anthropomorphism in the appearance of his torso and limbs. The man that he once was must have harbored a powerful will to be able to contest and coexist with the life force to which it plays host and maintain such semblance of humanity. His visage, however, betrays his Truth and is slathering and bestial, and his powerful, muscular limbs end in vicious claws. Indeed, since ancient times Pazuzu has been considered a dichotomy, feared as a powerful evil spirit, yet sought for the tendency of his presence to drive away other harmful spirits. As such, he was often credited with protecting humans against the plagues and misfortunes that accompanied his brethren.

He is winged, and is apparently even capable of genuine flight, a rare skill among Ascended beings. He is also known to be able to exhale flames, and is possessed of incredible strength. He is no doubt imbued with other eldritch powers.

His terrifying form adorns a great many statues, amulets and fibulas (garment pins) in the environs of Syria. He is known to have been summoned in particular by female petitioners, as he was reputed to show atypical concern for the wellbeing of pregnant women.

He wears very little clothing, except for a ragged loincloth and one of the Amulets of Sharaghul (q.v.).

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