Shoggoth, Interdimensional Avatar projection of YOG SOTHOTH
Greater Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
Written in Psionic above is the word GUGALUSHARGAL, or "All Devourer". GUGAL translates to devourer, and SHARGAL is universality.

The size of these beings is hugely variable depending on numerous factors, including consumed mass and duration of Subdimensional opening. Huge instances of Interdimensional Avatar projections have been measured at hundreds of feet in diameter. Alternatively, specimens have been found anchored in spaces no larger than closets that could not have been more than six feet in rough diameter. The originating Supreme Subdimensional entity from which these projections derive is reputed to be of a scale that would rival an entire planet.

The Dunwich Horror (1928) - H.P. Lovecraft

The Elder Spawn maintain a Subdimensional gate in the Deep Stronghold, through which they coerce and entrap massive pseudopods of one of the formless Supreme Subdimensional Entities, YOG SOTHOTH. These entities, or portions thereof, are known as Interdimensional Avatar projections. They take the form of protoplasmic masses of writhing organs, flesh, appendages, mouths, and eyes. They are in a state of constant change, such that their appearance varies drastically with every sighting. Any being foolish enough to come too close will be attacked and drawn into the main ingestion maw by enormous tentacles.

There is a notably enormous Interdimensional Avatar projection that has made its home in the elaborate cave system beneath Shoreham and the Ovens. Anchored to our realm with a steady diet of cattle, villagers, and visitors over the last two centuries, it has become a truly enormous specimen of which the Village Council is very proud, rivaling even those splendid specimens in the Antarctic and New England.

The Interdimensional Avatar projections are used as massive biological processors and are employed by the Star Spawn Biolords in the creation of most of their biotechnogical marvels.

Whether they are intelligent in any capacity that would be comprehensible to humans is a matter for debate. Also unknown is the level to which the Supreme Subdimensional Entity is aware that portions of its being are being utilized by its subjects in this manner. It is psionically powerful in the extreme, yet neither communicates nor attacks in this manner.

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