Lesser Subdimensional Entity

True Name:

Two meters in height. Dense bone results in heavier than expected weight.

Whitford Folio.

The Spindleback’s most remarkable features are its four primary eyes. These forward facing orbs provide excellent stereoscopic vision and advanced depth perception along a broad spectrum that ranges well into the subdimensional. With its advanced sensory apparati, the Spindleback is able to determine the location of even the smallest creature in any state of camouflage. Additional enhanced sensory organs are located on the sides of its head. Similar in function to ears, these long bony horns curve to form a parabolic chamber which focuses sound toward the cranial echo chamber, which contains a dense adipose tissue and functions as a secondary locator organ. There are no lighting conditions in which the Spindleback is unable to see its prey or adversaries. Strong legs give the Spindleback a fifteen meter vertical jump, with an upward applied muscle force of at least 56 kgs, leaving victims no time to escape. Strong acidic fluids are exuded onto captured prey, and once liquefied, the Spindleback then ingests the fluid remains with its protrusible straw-like tongue.

Its distal auditory horns are covered with stiff bristles, as is its back and the dorsal portions of its arms. The function of these bristles or spindles is thought to be related to olfaction and chemoreception.

Given the superior senses of perception possessed by these creatures, it is surprisingly easy to cause them discomfort. A bright flashlight in combination with a means to dispense vinegar, or wearing vinegar infused clothing or jewelry will serve to deter an attack from this creature.

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