Greater Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
Ensconced in the summoning circle above the entity is the Ancient Psionic word JYGALZUL, which translates roughly to “Womb of Evil”

27 Instars of growth, variable size from 2 hands to 800 hands from ground to primary orifice.

Direct observation of Summoned entity.

These bizarre beings are adorned with multiple orifices, eyestalks, and sensory organs. They are septpedal, with multiple articulations. Legs end with two toes and an opposable dew claw. They are able to move with surprising speed on their powerful legs, which are armored with chitin, and in spite of their prodigious mass will cling comfortably to ceilings while they wait patiently for prey.

Asexual, all creatures contain a pendulous gestational sac than hangs beneath the abdomen. A large mouth-like splits the upper part of the creature, lined with curving, razor sharp teeth. Extending from inside of this opening are two or three thick tongues, each complete with a set of fangs themselves. Its bulbous torso is surrounded by snake-like tentacles that randomly curl and test the air for the scent of fear. Its overall appearance is reminiscent of something that you’d find in a nightmare of a psychologically disturbed individual. Its eyes…

No that’s not what I want to say.

More tentacles watching me…what a daunting feeling, having such a creature lurking in your mind with so many eyes…watching.

Its legs, so many legs wrapped around my mind, devouring me

Ripping me apart

and watching

constant watching

I wonder how I taste….
Brood Fiend

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