Sharaghul Construct

One of the pages contained in Whitford's leather-bound folio. Evidence suggests that this page was not created by Whitford himself, but rather was removed from some greater volume.

Examples of bio-interactive devices constructed by the Sharaghul:

At top is a Neural Impeller, whose thick barb penetrates the limbs of a controller, anchoring the tool in place. Several neuronic interface tendrils then pierce the flesh and locate strategic nerve paths in order to inject nerve binding agents. The process is said to be excruciating, but once complete provides the subject with an efficient visual enhancement device that allows for ‘sight’ along a hugely expanded spectrum, crossing over into subdimensional ranges. The mechanical fingers allow for enhanced manual acuity and dexterity.

At bottom is a prosthesis designed by the Sharaghul and used to enhance musculoskeletal capabilities of human followers.
Sharaghul Tools

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