Interdimensional Artifact

Whitford Folio

The Sharaghul Overlords adorn themselves in the Armor shown here. The iridescent plates of metal from which the armor is created are harvested from the scales of the Bone Serpents or other creatures, which are melted down and reconstituted into a light, flexible, and almost impervious alloy.

The outfit serves both practical and ritualistic purposes. It is a symbol of what would equate to high prestige among the multitudinous castes of creatures that comprise the complex Sharaghul society.

While the original authors of the Folio notes had no means of understanding the complex technology evident in the Sharaghul armory, later studies have shown the Sharaghul to have access to a vast library of technical wizardry with which they have imbued their vestments.

The helmet allows for a staggering range of sensory augmentation, including visual/auditory/olfactory enhancements across an enormous spectrum. Energy weapons are installed in both pairs of gauntlets, including what appears to some kind of plasma weapon in the larger arms.

The carapace of the outfit contains an anti-gravity device, which allows the creature to hover at a variety of heights and speeds, as well as to carry heavy objects. Furthermore, the garments allow the creature to withstand pressures from the untold depths of the Oceans of Europa to the Vacuum of Space.
Sharaghul Imperator Armor

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