Greater Ascendant Entity

True Name:
SARGALZIATU, which translates to ‘Great King of Darkness’.

This creature is massive even compared to the other SARGALZIATU entities. Some sources place it at five meters in height.

Sumerian prehistory.

Sargon the Great was an Ascendant petitioner who ruled Akkadia in the twenty third and twenty fourth centuries B.C.E. He was known to have conquered much of Sumeria, spreading Ascendancy throughout the region and establishing the connections to the Outer Realms that persist even to this day.

His strength of will and ability to dominate enabled him to retain his Ascendant form beyond the natural death of his human body, which eventually evolved into the creature depicted here.

For centuries he maintained control over all Ascendant creatures over a huge region that today encompasses all of the country of Iraq. Cannibalizing the weakest of the Ascendants, he was able to absorb their most powerful attributes. After some time he was able to gain control over a group of elite Ascendants, with whom he formed a ruling council to assist in his bid to maintain power. The group grew in power to the extent that they were said even to challenge the might of the Sharaghul, which was their ultimate downfall.

The Sharaghul are never inclined to share power and no doubt perceived a growing threat in Sargon and his cadre. Some say he was imprisoned in one of their great subterranean strongholds. Others say that before his power could be usurped by the Sharaghul, the King escaped, and now moves through the dimensions, alone and at peace, thinking and dreaming of conquest in the darkness.
Sargon the Great

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