Lesser Ascendant Entity

True Name:

1.5 to 2 meters

Various folklore

There is a long and rich tradition of human folklore surrounding this Entity, but its true origin is obscure. It is possible that it is some variation of Ghul. There exists a place in the Swiss Alps where the fiber of space thins to such a degree that a powerful being was able to transmit itself into our world. Finding difficulty in maintaining its own natural shape in the low gravity and thin atmosphere of the mountain environment, the being captured an Alpine Ibex and combined elements from the hapless creature's physiology into its own, thus surviving in the hostile mountain terrain. The life span of the Ibex was greatly diminished and the Krampus was forced to substitute the Ibex body parts regularly, thus nearly causing the extinction of the Alpine Ibex.

Many have suggested that the Ibex was not the only animal utilized by the Krampus, and human children were among a favorite choice of the beast. Naturally, it is more likely that this was a story concocted to manipulate children into behaving properly, which is not to say that the Krampus does not exist; just that it is unlikely it has been stealing children.

Another common theme in folklore surrounding the Krampus is its association with witches. This is a certain truth, as many testimonials include graphic descriptions of the physiology and habits of the Krampus.

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