True Name:
It is rare that even the most Gifted of petitioners will achieve the power of a True Name, but the influence of the works of Lovecraft has elevated his name into the highest echelons of Interdimensional Power. I will not elucidate his True Name here.

170cm in height.

Lovecraft was born on August 20th 1890 in Providence RI.

By most accounts, Howard Philips Lovecraft enjoyed a happy New England childhood until the tragic loss of both his father and beloved grandfather.

These sad events no doubt played their part in Lovecraft’s dark view of humanity and unique view of an uncaring Cosmos, but careful scrutiny of the strange-fiction produced by great author reveals that other factors may have been at play.

When viewed through the lens of modern scientific understanding, combined with the recent discovery of the pages of Whitford’s Folio, it can be surmised that the chilling stories contain uncanny insight that can only have been conveyed to HPL by the Interdimensional beings or other Outer entities to which he alluded in his writing. It is clear from his letters and that buried beneath his tortured soul and petty biases was a genius that transcended normal human thought, as though eldritch knowledge had somehow been conveyed to him across the chasm of time and space. Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding his early death are highly suspicious when Interdimensional activity is taken into account. It is highly likely that his consciousness has been stolen from this dimension by concerned Interdimensional organizations.

His written works were not well received by the general public during the time he was alive in our dimension, but they continue to gain notoriety among the more intelligent members of the populace. It is certain that, regardless of his personal struggles, his words are a Gift to humanity that allow us those of us who are willing to transcend the Barrier.
Howard Phillips Lovecraft

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