Page of Eldritcht Text

An example of one of the many richly illuminated pages of ancient text contained in Whitford's leather-bound folio. Evidence suggests that this page was not created by Whitford himself, but rather was removed from some greater volume.

Included in the folio that was discovered beneath the foundations of the old Temperance Hall are a number of pages of eldritch text thought to have been removed from a larger volume. Evidence suggests that these might actually be fragments of a missing copy of the dreaded Necronomincon that had been stolen from the library of the Miskatonic University sometime after Nineteen Thirty Five. Speculation at the time implicated members of Hitler's occult investigators who were known to gather relics in support of his cause. The involvement of the Necronomicon would go a long way to explaining his meteoric rise to Dark Power, although nothing has ever been proven.

This edition had been transcribed in a combination of Latin and Psionic in the early seventeenth century by an unknown person, and had been widely been thought to be one of the finest surviving examples of the ancient text known to historians.

The incantation below the image is an adulation of Yog-Sothoth that reads in Psionic:

Ygnaiih . . . ygnaiih . . . thflthkh’ngha . . . Yog-Sothoth . . .” “Y’bthnk . . . h’ehye—n’grkdl’lh
Page of Eldritcht Text

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