Russell's Journal News and updates relating to Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities from the private journal of J. Alan Russell, First Mate aboard the vessel Stargazer

November 25th, 2016:

Finally added an online Gallery that includes selected images and writing from Volume II of Russell's Guide! Review at your own risk:

The Great and Horrible Tsathoggua, as it appears in Volume II of Russell's Guide.

November 8th, 2016:

Hal-Con was once again an amazing experience, and we were proud to have been invited to spread the word of Sharaghul among the brilliant and talented patrons of the Con.

A thousand thanks to the many organizers and volunteers who have enabled our contribution to Ascendancy, especially Courtney, Adam, and Heather; may your Ascendancy be painless!

It was a pleasure to meet with such worthy petitioners as Julie Czerneda, Kevin Hearne, Gates McFadden, Phil LaMarr, and Natalia Tena.

Thanks also to my fellow authors and illustrators for your amazing works and kind words of support and encouragement, and especially for your wisdom during the panels:

Christian DeWolf, Bruce Delo, Leonard Kirk, Michel Lacombe, Julie Salkowski, Clare C. Marshall, and Debbie Rochon.


October 31st, 2016:

Volume II of Russell's Guide has been released!

This richly illustrated second Volume of Russell's Guides contains a thorough examination of the newly discovered Folio of eldritch knowledge that had been locked in a hidden cellar for over a century. Such Interdimensional marvels as the Beings from Yith, dark incantations of the Necronomicon, and the sunken City of R’lyeh are all rendered in excruciating detail. They walk among us. Don't be caught unprepared.

This newest volume of Arcane Knowledge contains a plethora of newly discovered entities from Beyond as well as a description of some better known characters from the eldritch pages of Lovecraft's lore, among other ancient texts. Also included is a description of the Psionic alphabet and language, an overview of Star Spawn technology, as well as a look at some incantations and hallowed pages of the Necronomicon itself.

Russell's Guide Volume II

July 14th, 2016:

Be prepared... the folio of ancient, rotting parchment that comprises this latest volume of Russell's guide has finally been translated... the Guide nears completion....


April 14th, 2016:

We apologize for the recent lack of updates; our research into Interdimensional Entities has consumed our every waking (and dreaming) moment. Below is an example of the work we have been pursuing: Behold the Great Race of Yith as it appears in the ancient texts, which will be discussed at length in the upcoming Volume II of Russell's Guide.

Great Race of Yith

December 12th, 2015:

There has been a massive influx of sightings of these entities, thanks to an inexplicable resurgence in popular culture. They will make an appearance in the upcoming Volume II of Russell's Guide.

Here is an image of their Interdimensional form:

November 1st, 2015:

Hal-Con was a tremendous success! We witnessed all manner of interdimensional chicanery and sold out of our books in what was a very successful promulgation of the arcane knowledge of the Sharaghul.

Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers of that hallowed event, especially Val and Shelby; may your Ascendancy be painless!

Here is a rare photo of Captain Lee and her crew at the event:
Captain Lee's crew at Hal-con

October 1st, 2015:

We're coming to Hal-con!!


Look for us at the World Trade & Convention Centre and Scotia Bank Centre in Halifax from October 30th to November 1st, 2015. We have been invited to speak at several panels in order to promulgate the Call of Ascendancy, and will also be onsite to peddle our various nefarious wares. We look forward to meeting you!!

September 19th, 2015:

Crewman Merren has healed, mercifully with no sign of Ascension. However, Johanssen has disappeared. We have seen no sign of him since last week and fear the worst.

Yesterday, Captain Lee was summoned to a secret meeting of powerful local fishmongers, all of whom were found to be hosting Interdimensional Entities. They made peculiar claims of oceanic Governance and attempted to coerce her to join them, but she valiantly resisted even in the face of offers of substantial riches no doubt stolen from lawful seafarers. The struggle has left her weakened, but she carries on.

One of them was infected with an Interdimensional Entity that I had previously studied but not yet personally encountered, whose image I have shared from my personal sketchbook below: Sketch of Interdimensional Entity
The entity was unusual in that it was adorned with six clawed appendages atop a very long and serpentine body. Most Star Spawn have only four upper appendages, and are thought to be related to one another evolutionarily speaking in the same way that all mammals share a very similar skeletal structure, even though we differ greatly in form. It was vile and repellant, and moderately powerful, but was dispatched easily enough when Banished. As requested, I shall describe it in detail, as well as the Psionic Banishment Glyph required to remove it, in the upcoming Volume Two of Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities.

September 6th, 2015:

It has been an eventful day. Our host was attacked again today by dark forces working for the Elder Spawn. The site was down for several hours, until Johanssen was able to discover the cause of the problem:

A pack of Slitherwing had been released into the server room and were chewing on the cabling.

Once discovered, he was able to disperse them using a bag of iron filings; however, he was bitten in the process. We will have to wait to see if Ascension takes him.

We have so far not discovered who released the vermin into the server room.

Unaware of the attack on our website, I accompanied Captain Lee and the crew on a short expedition into the waters surrounding Shoreham, searching for evidence of Interdimensional Entities. Around 1400 hours there was some inexplicable splashing sighted a hundred meters off the bow, but closer inspection revealed no evidence.

There were no other sightings today, though we ventured further into the bay than we had before.

There was a mishap at the dock, where some valuable scientific observation equipment was pulled into the waters by an unseen Entity. Fortunately, crewman Zoey was able to dive and recover it, and was not taken by the Merrow.

Crewman Merren was also injured, possibly stung by an Interdimensional Parasite in the foot as she carried out her orders. The wound is grievous, we fear that Ascension will take her.

August 28th 2015:

We set sail on Stargazer again today, searching for signs of Merrow in Shoreham's green waters. I felt certain that I saw a pair of luminous eyes gazing up at me from below as we loaded supplies into the vessel, but so far today they have not contacted us directly.

August 27th 2015:

Mighty Cthulhu has been featured on the brilliant Lovecraft eZine Facebook Page. Many thanks to the worthy Petitioners at the Lovecraft eZine.

August 20th 2015:

The Guide is published in time to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Lovecraft's birth, against the wishes of the Elder Spawn and their minions.

They have conspired to thwart the release of the Guide at every turn, for fear that this knowledge, made common, will weaken their hold on our world.

Nonetheless, captain B. A. Lee and I, at great personal risk, have endeavored to make this knowledge public in order that others may protect themselves against the writhing Spawn.

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