Greater Transdimensional Entity

True Name:

Unknown, possibly huge.

‘Merrow Tale’, B.A. Lee

A depiction of the hideous visage of one of the highest echelons of Sharaghul hierarchy, the mighty Overlord, second only to Nyarlathotep and other unique iterations of Sharaghul.

This entity resamples the lower castes of Sharaghul, however there are several notable differences; this being is significantly larger than even the largest Sharaghul Drone, it has a better defined vertical mandibular structure in the head, and has six viciously barbed simple grasping limbs where the more common Sharaghul have four upper appendages that end in exceptionally prehensile digits.

The Overlord seldom leaves the confines of a Sharaghul Stronghold. Dangerous in the extreme, it will seize and messily devour any being that foolishly approaches within striking distance of its massive grasping limbs or clawed tendrils. It preys on all matter of things, and has even been seen to devour Sharaghul Drones and Biolords. Whether this was a result of some intentional sacrifice, or some misadventure on the part of our benefactors is unknown. It appears, however, that even the Sharaghul give this being a wide berth, and all precautions should be taken when venturing beneath the village.

As is the case with most of the Sharaghul, it cannot abide sunlight.
Sharaghul Overlord

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