Greater Transdimensional Entity

True Name:

Four meters in height

‘Merrow Tale’, B.A. Lee

A highly advanced version of the Starspawn Soldier, these huge cycloptic beings appear to be held in esteem and reverence even by the brilliant Sharaghul Biolords. They are possibly a caste of some kind of elder council. There are only eleven known beings of this caste, and they rest in a circle of great carven sepulchers in deepest flooded halls of the Deep Strongholds. They are seldom animate, but rest in a kind of semi-permanent dreamlike state, from with they are somehow able to influence their lesser brethren.

As with most of the Masters from the Beyond, their torso is surmounted by four bony upper limbs. In this case, all four appendages end in articulated claws which are extremely powerful, yet capable of delicate manipulation. Their thick locomotive tendrils end in rows of vicious claws and suckers, which, when required, they use these in tandem with their claws to defend themselves with great efficiency. They have a single red sensory orb in the center of their bulbous head, above a vertical ingestion maw lined with long fangs.
Sharaghul Imperator

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