Incantation Pose

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Horned Hand - Demonstration of Summoning Technique

Whitford Folio; Interview with Summoner.

The deformation of the human hand results from the continuous use of Star Spawn tools during Summoning rituals or worship of Interdimensional denizens. Tools bestowed by Star Spawn Biolords are generally not suitable for use by human hands, however the compositional material of the tools instigates a biological process in the Practitionerís hand. Rather than altering the construction of the tool, the beholder conforms to the design of the tool via biological changes.

This image shows a high level Summoner, whose physiology has evolved to accommodate the complex rituals required of the Summoning discipline. In this case, the progression is complete. There can be different levels of change, depending on the level of exposure. In advanced Summoners it is common to see a second opposable thumb as well as a second opposable fifth digit. The long term health impact of prolonged use of these tools has not been studied.

Additionally, there are tools and devices that are used or adorn other parts of the body, with corresponding changes observed in those body parts as well.
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