Biological Maelstrom

The image represents the great Eye of Azag-Zhul. Surrounded by the incantation of summoning, the image is symbolic of the twisting maelstrom of protoplasmic biological matter surrounding the triumvirate Eye that is ubiquitous in Sharaghul symbology.

The incantation is strange in that many of the words are unfamiliar, perhaps derived from an older dialect of the Psionic language.

The words are transcribed into Roman characters as follows:

NAGACH'BDOYATH ODASHA CHAF UZ ULI KUFACHASH DUTHYODABA CHUGAN UMAQUA MANUPYOTH – This line has not been translated and its meaning remains obscure. NAGACH'BDOYATH is thought to be the True Name of some powerful entity. The remainder of the line may be a list of other such entities, possibly even lesser Outer Gods.

ZI SHAR SU SARA SU AiMOK ARAS US RASH YZUS NAKRASH AM RA - The complete meaning is unknown, but it is believed that part of the message can be broken down like so:

ZI is taken to mean of. SHAR is believed in this context to refer to stars, SU is thought to imply we or us, and SARA can mean kings or great ones. AiMOK is chaos, ARAS is cut or call or bring or take, depending on context. So the first few words, roughly translated, give us:

“From the heavens we call the great kings of Chaos”

The meaning of RASH YZUS NAKRASH AM RA is unclear. It is possible that NAKRASH AM RA is the name of the Outer God that is being invoked. The phrase is repeated in inverse at the bottom of the page.

Line VII: LE (able) DU (HIM) IKSUD (conquer) LU LINIMU'GAL (to sing with praise, prayer) NU (no) LE (can) NAMUSHU (die horribly)

The circle of writing that surrounds the Eye is a Summoning Chant wherein several supreme Transdimensional Entities are mentioned.. However, it is not clear whether they are intended to be summoned, or whether this circle is intended to protect the Summoner from them.
The Eye of Azag-Zhul

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