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Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities "Hades", Palladium Books, 2007
33 illustrations
"Rifts: Sourcebook 1", Palladium Books, 2006
4 illustrations
Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities Rifts: Hades Illustrations Rifts: Sourcebook Illustrations
"Rifts: Madhaven", Palladium Books, 2006
3 illustrations
"Rifts", Palladium Books, 2005
7 illustrations
"Rifter Swimsuit Edition", Palladium Books, 2006 - 2007
2 illustrations
Rifts: Madhaven Illustrations Rifts Illustrations Rifts: Swimsuit Edition Illustrations
"Dinosaur Swamp", Palladium Books, 2005
9 illustrations
Bonita Russell SciFi Project, 2004
1 concept drawing
"Azag-Zhul" Personal project of Jeff Russell, 2004 and prior
8 concept drawings
Rifts: Dinosaur Swamp Illustrations Bonita's Illustrations Azag Zhul Illustrations
Automobile Decoration, 2004
1 concept drawing
Starships drawn for "Robotech" website, 2003 Starships drawn for "Starship Dimensions" website, 2002
Automobile Deco Robotech Illustrations Starship Dimensions Illustrations
"Cthulhu", 2002 and prior
2 drawings
"Dungeons and Dragons" creatures, 2002 and prior
9 drawings
Miscellaneous concept art and sketches
Old Cthulhu Illustrations Old Dungeons and Dragons Illustrations Old miscellaneous illustrations

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Russell's Guide Volume I Russell's Guide Volume II

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